Welcome, Good humans! My name is Nicole, the hands and heart behind The Spinnacle, and I’m so excited to connect and create with you!

Established in 2014, “The Spinnacle Fiber Arts” is the natural progression of my ever-increasing obsession with textile arts. I want to help folks bring out their inner exclamation point through art!

My passion for colour is tangled up in every aspect of my life, and it brings me such joy to be able to share my zest for colour with you. I’m happiest when I’m up to my elbows in a dyepot, grooving to the perfect playlist, or creating a new design from the image in my minds-eye. I take my inspiration from the world around me, often jotting down an idea for a new colorway during a movie, or scratching out a quote from my latest book obsession at 3 am.

I experience synesthesia, meaning when I hear sound, I see colours, too! It is so hard to put into words; it looks somewhere between the aurora, abstract art, and those 00’s Color-changing screensavers. Dyeing yarn while listening to music is a very colourful experience for me, and I love being able to share my perception of music with you!

I live with a constant need to create; hands perpetually knitting; eye to camera lens; cooking colourful dishes; web designing; painting; composing music. I dream up new designs and yarns, cook up new hues, photograph it, all while singing with my earphones in (sorry, neighbours!), catching up on Schitt’s Creek, or exploring an audiobook.

How it started…

My Gramma patiently taught me to knit when I was 7, on the back porch during the hottest summer I’d ever felt. She lived thousands of miles away from me, so I’d pack up my knitting and make a million mistakes until we returned for a visit! I took up spinning by chance, after being gifted some fiber for my 19th birthday. As a lifelong knitter, I immediately loved the idea of being able to create yarn just the way I wanted it. I thought that spinning would be much better therapy for my legs than physio as I am a wheelchair-user, and I’ve never looked back! That quickly expanded into dyeing yarn and designing patterns and the rest is history!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do crafting them!

Peace & love,

aka The Spinnacle